what does easy to use software really mean

What does “easy-to-use” software mean?

What does “easy-to-use” software mean?

Is it … Easy to setup? Easy to comprehend? Or is the software so simple a caveman could use it?

What is easy for one person isn’t necessary easy for another. Many people have designed their own software because they thought the software in the market was too hard to use but only to find out that their software was hard to use by others. Again, what is easy for one person isn’t necessary easy for another as it comes down to the operator’s skill set.

Construction Software Investment

Construction Software | What is the real investment?

There are many software applications and many manufacturers of construction software that you can invest in to help you sell more, generate more leads, build happier customers, estimate faster, create more accurate proposals, communicate more effectively with vendors and software programs that can help you make more money.

Construction Estimating Software Tools

Estimating Software Tools

Construction jobs across the world are starting up and once again we are seeing cranes in the skyline. It’s a great sight for builders and contractors as they struggled through a gruesome 20% unemployment rate in just 2010, according to US News. Thankfully by 2012 this had already shrunk back to 13% and has been moving optimistically ever since. There are jobs to be filled in the construction industry but the descriptions of certain jobs have been altered by the computer age. With that, let’s look at some of the tools which estimators find themselves using on the job today.

Job Cost Accounting Software

Successful Software Implementations

There have been many cases where builders and contractors have purchased software and the implementation was unsuccessful. There can be many reasons for an unsuccessful implementation of a new software package.

Construction PO Software

Purchase Order Management Software

You have spent hours or even weeks putting together a detailed estimate. You have presented a proposal to your customer listing out detailed job specifications by category of work with a total price. The customer signs it. Now the work begins. The problem is, you need to communicate what was sold to your customer to the vendors and employees working on the project.