what does easy to use software really mean

What does “easy-to-use” software mean?

What does “easy-to-use” software mean?

Is it … Easy to setup? Easy to comprehend? Or is the software so simple a caveman could use it?

What is easy for one person isn’t necessary easy for another. Many people have designed their own software because they thought the software in the market was too hard to use but only to find out that their software was hard to use by others. Again, what is easy for one person isn’t necessary easy for another as it comes down to the operator’s skill set.

Construction Software Investment

Construction Software | What is the real investment?

There are many software applications and many manufacturers of construction software that you can invest in to help you sell more, generate more leads, build happier customers, estimate faster, create more accurate proposals, communicate more effectively with vendors and software programs that can help you make more money.