Lead Tracking + Follow-up Marketing + Buyer/Contract Mgmt + Customer Service/Warranty Tracking + Sales Mgmt

SalesBuilder Plus is an integrated CRM software program designed for both home builders and contractors looking to manage the sales process from initial contact to job completion and beyond.

SalesBuilder Plus can be purchased as a stand-alone application or as part of the Plus Series, a single-entry construction management system that manages and expedites the proven processes and procedures for running a successful construction business.

We can host the SalesBuilder Plus on a monthly basis or you can purchase it and host it yourself. Please call or request pricing!


  • User defined pick lists – Customize system to meet your needs
  • Microsoft Integration -Integrated with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook to generate contracts, e-mails and reports
  • Shared Calendar – Schedule and track meetings, contract tasks and phone calls
  • Handles multiple sales offices/centers/communities per company
  • Outlook Integration (New) – Improved Communication
    • Tracks e-mail history by client and/or by job
  • Allows exporting of e-mail addresses to external broadcast email services (New)
  • User defined follow-up marketing action plans – calls, e-mails, letters and contract tasks
  • Imports client information from Excel, CSV format or QuickBooks (New)
  • Sales to estimating integration – Salesbuilder Plus integrated to Takeoff Plus
  • Estimating to sales integration – Takeoff Plus integrated to Salesbuilder Plus
  • Scheduling Plus’ Project Management Integration (NEW)
    • Syncs job notes with SalesBuilder Plus client’s jobs
    • Syncs job attachments with SalesBuilder Plus client’s jobs
  • Plus much more!
  • Manages the sales process from initial contact through to under contract
  • Tracks and manages your hottest prospects/clients
  • Tracks all client information
  • Handles multiple job opportunities per client
  • Generate, print or e-mail lead sheets to sales people
  • Track source of leads for both clents and job opportunities
  • Allows users to add notes, pictures and documents to clients and job/home opportunities (New)
  • Set action plans for both clients and job opportunities (New)
  • Tracks buyers under contract
  • Handles multiple contracts per buyer (New)
  • Tracks complete job information including: job information, contract information, selections, change orders, construction notes, additional contacts and deposits
  • Attach pictures, documents, notes, other contacts to jobs/homes under contract (New)
  • Prints and tracks customer approved, pending and rejected change orders (New)
  • Track customer’s option selections including: color, location along with documents or pictures and specifications attached to the options (New)
  • Allows predefined follow-up contract tasks (New)
  • Tracks customers/owners and jobs completed
  • Handles multiple locations per customer/owner (New)
  • Tracks complete client and contract history
  • Generates, tracks and prints/emails work orders
  • Track open and completed work orders by client, per job, person responsible, etc. (New)
  • Allows for pre-assigned follow-up marketing plans of e-mails, letters, contract tasks and phone calls
  • Track sales by
    • Job type
    • Sales/Center Office
    • Sales by salesperson
    • Media (Lead) source
  • Monitor completed and uncompleted tasks by person responsible
  • Plus much more!
  • Build a Home Feature – Select available lots, floor plans and options to automatically create customer sales agreements
  • Handles custom options
  • Can attach pictures, locations, specifications and documents to options (New)
  • Add lots and models on the fly for builders that build on scatter lots (New)
  • Prequalify buyers with specific loan types
  • View Homes in inventory along with homes under contract
  • Display monthly payments/move in costs
  • Convert prospects to buyers under contract
  • View “Picture Perfect” models/floor plans and options as you’re creating sales agreements
  • Access SalesBuilder Plus with any mobile device remotely via the Internet using RDP connectivity

Why invest in stand-alone CRM software when you can invest in fully integrated software from Contractors Software Group!