Job Accounting Professional is an integrated single-entry construction job cost accounting software system for larger builders and contractors looking to expedite their job costing, billing, bookkeeping and financial reporting.

It can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as part of our complete Professional Series suite. It is also modular so you can pick and choose the modules you need now and add-on as your needs grow.

Job Accounting Professional can be accessed via the internet using any mobile device or laptop that has internet connectivity.

Job Accounting Professional is integrated to CSG Central, a web portal to share job information with clients, employees and/or vendors. (NEW)

We can host Job Accounting Professional on a monthly basis or you can purchase it and host it yourself. Please call or request pricing!


  • Executive Dash Board – Easily view companies financial information at a glance

  • Runs under Microsoft Windows so it’s easy to learn & use
  • Follows standard Microsoft Windows navigation protocols
  • Uses plain paper for reports –  no pre-printed forms required
  • More than 200 reports available
  • Offers “pull down” list boxes for easy access to information; eliminates tedious searches
  • Integrated with Scheduling Plus scheduling system software to setup activities
  • Multi-company & consolidated financials

  • Tracks extensive job data including job code, name, address, owner, contract amount, purchaser information and lender information

  • Tracks job costs by multiple levels including Project, Job, category and Class
  • Provides complete category information — category code, name, budget, actual costs, start and finish dates, vendor, percent complete
  • Tracks cost details and payment data by category
  • Monitors change order budgets, expenses and revenue
  • Integrates seamlessly with TakeOff Professional estimating so budgets can be set up directly. Saving time and reducing data errors
  • Offers full range of job cost reports — detail and summary, reports by job or category and variance reports
  • Update percent complete based on field inspection
  • Tracks costs and budgets by square foot
  • Tracks committed versus uncommitted budgets and actual costs

  • Provides control over client’s change orders
  • Monitors change order revenue, budgets and expenses
  • Prints a change order document for customer to sign
  • User defined change order text
  • Change orders update the revised job contract, budgets and projected profit
  • Generates Income (P&L) statements and balance sheet reports
  • Provides complete audit trail
  • Offers double entry general ledger
  • Includes extensive chart of accounts
  • See full debit and credit entries for an account on one screen
  • Handles multi-period processing
  • Offers listing of all posting activity
  • Date sensitive reports let you select the date range for viewing
  • Journal entry updates job cost
  • Reconcile job cost to the general ledger by job
  • Provides complete vendor history – invoices, amounts, payment dates and more
  • Easy-to-use check writing plus check number, vendor and job
  • Provides check reconciliation system
  • Creates and prints lien waivers
  • Provides over budget warning when entering invoice
  • Updates job cost and general ledger
  • Prints 1099s
  • Handles partial payments
  • Tracks full vendor/subcontractor insurance information;
    • Track workers comp insurance expiration dates and insurance codes
    • Track general liability insurance information
    • Allows you to withhold insurance amounts from sub invoice
    • Track withholding per sub
  • Tracks sub retainage amount by percent (%) and dollar amount ($)
  • Vendor default job category and class for invoice entry
  • Optional default general ledger account for invoice entry
  • Tracks vendor default discount and due date
  • Prints checks
  • Handles direct deposit
  • Posts payroll expenses to Job Cost for accurate costing

  • Variable rate payroll system

  • Handles workers compensation and reporting
  • Prepares tax reports: 940, 941, W2’s and more
  • Handles Section 125 Cafeteria Plans
  • Handles custom deductions and tax withholdings
  • Certified payroll report
  • Multi-state payroll
  • Craft codes for variable rate and billing rates

  • Integrated to CSG Central’s Remote Time Card Entry web application

  • Tracks customer retainage
  • Allows entry of item or work description
  • Quickly and easily bill for work performed
  • Tracks customers activity (invoices, payments)
  • Draw Request 
    • Uses Industry Standard format
    • Automatically tracks job progress
    • Tracks change orders
    • Integration with job cost, accounts receivable and general ledger
    • Enter current draw amount ($) or percent (%) complete per activity
    • Prints Application for Payment — summary and detail forms
  • Time & Material Billing
    • Easy way to bill for actual costs with a markup percentage
    • Simple to modify billing amount
    • Automatically creates an accounts receivable invoice
    • Costs are “flagged” as billed in job cost
    • Prints a detailed or summary invoice for customer
  • Easy to create and issue PO

  • Tracks job and category for items
  • Creates vendor invoices from purchase orders
  • Handles partial deliveries
  • Allows comments to be added to PO
  • Imports approved PO’s from TakeOff Plus estimating software
  • Field PO approval – approve purchase orders received in the field

  • Creates subcontract showing total subcontract amount with each line of contract along with the job and cost categories associated with each line

  • Tracks all draws and payments
  • Instantly displays status of each contract
  • Enters draws automatically as invoices
  • Imports approved subcontracts from TakeOff Plus estimating software

  • Tracks on hand, on order and back orders

  • Stores complete item detail
  • Handles LIFO, FIFO, and weighted cost averaging
  • Purchase order receipts can update inventory

The Executive Dashboard is broken down into two dashboards

  • Financial Dashboard
    • Easily view Cash in Bank, Open Receivables & Payables and Job Information in a graphical bar chart
    • Drill down to view detail
    • View favorite reports
    • Easily complete financial tasks like paying bills, etc.
  • Job Dashboard
    • Easily view Job Summary, Job Billing/Cash Flow and Job Budget information in a graphical bar chart
    • View favorite report
    • Easily complete job tasks like:
      • Change orders
      • Update % complete
      • Create/modify purchase orders and subcontracts
      • Plus more!

Easily and quickly creates job information from Takeoff Plus estimating system, which includes:

  • Job code and job name
  • Contract amounts
  • Budgeted costs and hours by category of work for both original and subsequent change orders
  • Committed purchase orders & subcontracts
  • New customers

CSG Central is a web application that allows builders and contractors to share job information with clients, employees and vendors. Job Accounting Professional shares the following information with CSG Central:

  • Approved Purchased Orders for project managers to receive or approve
  • Employee information, job information along with job categories assigned to each job for use for CSG Central’s Remote Time Card Entry application

Why invest in stand-alone Job Cost Accounting software when you can invest in fully integrated software from Contractors Software Group!