Simple Scheduling is a simple scheduling software and project management system for smaller builders and contractors looking to better manage their projects from start to finish. It consists of two modules:

  • Scheduling Module – $250.00
  • Project Management Module (NEW) – additional $250.00

Simple Scheduling is modular and sold individually or as part of the Simple Series, a single-entry construction management system that expedites and manages the proven processes & procedures in running a successful  construction business.

Simple Scheduling can be accessed internally on your computer or via the Internet on any mobile device or laptop that has Internet connectivity.

We can also host Simple Scheduling on a monthly basis. Call for pricing!


Scheduling Module Features:

  • Allows you to quickly setup projects from existing project schedules, bids from Simple Estimating or jobs from Simple Job Accounting
  • Integrated with Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word

This feature allows you to:

  • Quickly creates projects using Simple Estimating bid information and the associated subdivisions & vendors assigned to those subdivisions
  • Easily import vendors from Simple Estimating
  • This feature allows you to:
    • Quickly create projects using Simple Job Accounting’s job information and associated cost categories
    • Easily import vendors from Simple Job Accounting
  • Allows you to merge an existing project’s tasks and task activities into another project
  • View multiple projects at one time
  • Easily move tasks and see results of task’s dependencies real time
  • You can filter projects by
    • Project Status
    • Task’s date range
    • Phase
    • Vendor
  • Update task’s % complete
  • Approve PO’s assigned to tasks
  • Plus much more!
  • Task phase/order
  • Task code & description
  • Start date
  • Duration of days
  • End date
  • Vendor assigned
  • Notes
  • Task Dependency
  • Calc Method
  • Lag/Lead Time

This feature allows you to:

  • Easily create all the project task’s start and end dates by entering initial starting task and start date
  • Quickly update the schedule when changes are made to a project’s task activities
  • Easily recalculate ALL vendors start and end dates with the click of a button

This feature takes into account holidays and the 5 or 7 day option when calculating task’s start and end dates

Since our Scheduling software is programmed using Microsoft products we can easily integrate with Word, Excel and Outlook

  • Integrated to Microsoft Outlook to e-mail vendor detail schedule to selected vendors for selected jobs by date range
  • Finish to start

  • Start to finish

  • Finish to Finish

  • Start to Finish

Add a note at task level for easy reference

  • Easily and quickly edit vendor’s address, phone & fax #, contact name, email address and URL address
  • Easily assign vendors to tasks

This report displays the task’s variances between the original end date and actual end date along with task’s notes

The vendor schedule detail report will allow you to view tasks by:

  • Selected Vendors
  • Selected Projects
  • Date Range

We are more than happy to customize our software and/or reports to meet your needs at our applicable rates

Project Management Module Features (NEW) - Additional $250.00

  • This feature allows you to:
    • Update task’s duration of days
    • Update task’s percent complete
    • Easily recalculate task’s start and end dates when changes are made
    • Reassign vendors to tasks

Project Notes Allows you to:

  • Enter and track notes by user, date and by time

This feature allows you to:

  • Attach documents or pictures to a project
  • Track attachments by date and by user
  • Project notes and attachments are synced with Simple SalesBuilder’s job opportunities

Simple Scheduling Project Management module is integrated to Simple Job Accounting t:

  • Update percent complete for work in process reporting

The project management module can be accesses remotely via any mobile device using RDP capability.

Why invest in stand-alone Scheduling & Project Management software when you can invest in fully integrated software from Contractors Software Group!