Come join the thousands of builders and contractors looking for a better QuickBooks Upgrade and switching to Contractors Software Group complete suite of software and web applications for builders and contractors.

They’re getting away from the next Quickbooks upgrade and switching to one of Contractors Software Group’s three series of integrated CRM, Estimating, Scheduling and Job Cost Accounting software. They’re moving away for the following reasons.

  • We couldn’t get accurate financials for the bank to secure financing.
  • We were re-entering the same information multiple times.
  • We had to hire more staff to handle the redundancy of work created with the software!
  • We were double paying and overpaying our vendors.
  • We lost control!
  • We had to use outside spreadsheets or 3rd party applications to do our lead tracking & follow-up marketing plus re-enter the same information again multiple times.
  • We had to use Excel/Word to do our estimating and had to re-enter the same information back into our accounting software.
  • We had a hard time tracking client’s and vendor’s change orders.
  • We couldn’t project our job’s profit and our costs to complete on jobs in progress.
  • We couldn’t easily do our client’s progress billings or track job draws easily and quickly.
  • We had to do our work in process reports by hand with excel or with a 3rd party non integrated software program.
  • We were manually setting up jobs and budgets in our accounting software.
  • We had to track our actual versus budgeted cost outside of our software.
  • We had a hard time tracking our actual hours versus your budgeted hours by cost category.
  • We had to manually track what we owed each subcontractor by hand or with Excel or 3rd party software that wasn’t integrated.
  • Plus many, many more more!