Job Accounting Plus is a job cost accounting software application for home builders and contractors looking to expedite and manage their job costing, billing, payroll, subcontracts, purchase orders, bookkeeping and financial reporting needs of running a successful construction company.

Our cost accounting software is modular so you can pick and choose the modules you need now and add-on as your needs grow.

Job Accounting Plus can be purchased as a stand-alone application or as part of the Plus Series, a single-entry CRM, Estimating, Scheduling and Job Cost Accounting system.

Job Accounting Plus can be accessed internally or via the Internet using any mobile device or laptop with Internet connectivity.

We can host the Job Accounting Plus on a monthly basis or you can purchase it and host it yourself. Please call or request pricing!


  • Handles % Complete or Completed Contract method of accounting
  • Runs under Microsoft Windows so it’s easy to learn & use
  • Follows standard Microsoft Windows navigation protocols
  • Uses plain paper for reports –  no pre-printed forms required
  • More than 200 reports available
  • Offers “pull down” list boxes for easy access to information; eliminates tedious searches
  • Integrated with Scheduling Plus scheduling system software to setup activities
  • Multi-company & consolidated financials

The Executive Dashboard is broken down into two dashboards

  • Financial Dashboard
    • Easily view Cash in Bank, Open Receivables & Payables and Job Information in a graphical bar chart
    • Drill down to view detail
    • View favorite reports
    • Easily complete financial tasks like paying bills, etc.
  • Job Dashboard
    • Easily view Job Summary, Job Billing/Cash Flow and Job Budget information in a graphical bar chart
    • View favorite reports
    • Easily complete job tasks like:
      • Change orders
      • Update % complete
      • Create/modify purchase orders and subcontracts
      • Plus more!
  • Tracks extensive job data including job code, name, address, owner, contract amount, purchaser information and lender information
  • Tracks job costs by multiple levels including Project, Job, category and Class
  • Provides complete category information — category code, name, budget, actual costs, start and finish dates, vendor, percent complete
  • Tracks cost details and payment data by category
  • Monitors change order budgets, expenses and revenue
  • Integrates seamlessly with TakeOff Plus estimating so budgets can be set up directly. Saving time and reducing data errors
  • Offers full range of job cost reports — detail and summary, reports by job or category and variance reports
  • Update percent complete based on field inspection
  • Tracks costs and budgets by square foot
  • Tracks committed versus uncommitted budgets and actual costs
  • Provides control over client’s change orders
  • Monitors change order revenue, budgets and expenses
  • Prints a change order document for customer to sign
  • User defined change order text
  • Change orders update the revised job contract, budgets and projected profit


  • Generates Income (P&L) statements and balance sheet reports
  • Provides complete audit trail
  • Offers double entry general ledger
  • Includes extensive chart of accounts
  • See full debit and credit entries for an account on one screen
  • Handles multi-period processing
  • Offers listing of all posting activity
  • Date sensitive reports let you select the date range for viewing
  • Journal entry updates job cost
  • Reconcile job cost to the general ledger by job
  • Provides complete vendor history – invoices, amounts, payment dates and more
  • Easy-to-use check writing plus check number, vendor and job
  • Provides check reconciliation system
  • Creates and prints lien waivers
  • Handles credit card payment transactions
  • Provides over budget warning when entering invoice
  • Updates job cost and general ledger
  • Prints 1099s
  • Handles partial payments
  • Tracks full vendor/subcontractor insurance information;
    • Track workers comp insurance expiration dates and insurance codes
    • Track general liability insurance information
    • Allows you to withhold insurance amounts from sub invoice
    • Track withholding per sub
  • Tracks sub retainage amount by percent (%) and dollar amount ($)
  • Vendor default job category and class for invoice entry
  • Optional default general ledger account for invoice entry
  • Tracks vendor default discount and due date
  • Prints checks
  • Handles direct deposit
  • Posts payroll expenses to Job Cost for accurate costing
  • Variable rate payroll system
  • Handles workers compensation and reporting
  • Prepares tax reports: 940, 941, W2’s and more
  • Handles Section 125 Cafeteria Plans
  • Handles custom deductions and tax withholdings
  • Certified payroll report
  • Multi-state payroll
  • Craft codes for variable rate and billing rates
  • Tracks customers activity (invoices, payments)
  • Quickly and easily bill for work performed
  • Allows entry of item or work description
  • Tracks customer retainage

Draw Request

  • Uses Industry Standard format
  • Automatically tracks job progress
  • Tracks change orders
  • Integration with job cost, accounts receivable and general ledger
  • Enter current draw amount ($) or percent (%) complete per activity
  • Prints Application for Payment — summary and detail forms

Time & Material Billing (Cost Plus)

  • Easy way to bill for actual costs with a markup percentage
  • Simple to modify billing amount
  • Automatically creates an accounts receivable invoice
  • Costs are “flagged” as billed in job cost
  • Prints or e-mails a detailed or summary invoice for customer
  • Easy to create and issue PO
  • Tracks job and category for items
  • Creates vendor invoices from purchase orders
  • Handles partial deliveries
  • Allows comments to be added to PO
  • Imports approved PO’s from TakeOff Plus estimating software
  • Field PO approval – approve purchase orders received in the field
  • Creates subcontract showing total subcontract amount with each line of contract along with the job and cost categories associated with each line
  • Tracks all draws and payments
  • Instantly displays status of each contract
  • Enters draws automatically as invoices
  • Imports approved subcontracts from TakeOff Plus estimating software
  • Tracks on hand, on order and back orders
  • Stores complete item detail
  • Handles LIFO, FIFO, and weighted cost averaging
  • Purchase order receipts can update inventory
  • Easily and quickly creates job information from Takeoff Plus estimating system, which includes:
    • Job code and job name
    • Contract amounts
    • Budgeted costs and hours by category of work for both original and subsequent change orders
    • Committed purchase orders & subcontracts
    • New customers

Why invest in stand-alone Job Cost Accounting software when you can invest in fully integrated software from Contractors Software Group!