Instead of upgrading to QuickBooks Online, come join the successful builders and contractors moving to Contractors Software Group’s integrated job cost accounting software.

Contractors Software Group’s offers three series of integrated Job Cost Accounting software to control costs and provide better financial reporting to run a successful construction business. We offer threes series of job cost accounting products based upon size needs and budget.

  • Simple Job Accounting
  • Job Accounting Plus
  • Job Accounting Professional

You can purchase our software products and host them yourself or we can host them on a monthly basis.

All of our Job Cost Accounting products offer the following features up and above QuickBooks Online!

  • Built in Job Cost Module – No 3rd party job cost applications required
  • Improved job cost reporting designed for builders and contractors
  • Handles actual versus budgeted cost analysis
  • Tracks actual versus budgeted hours by category of work
  • Tracks and generates client change orders
  • Generates vendor lien waivers
  • Handles Work-in Process reporting
  • Bill paying by job
  • Tracks both revenue and costs by job for improved cash flow reporting
  • Integration with Estimating, Scheduling, and/or CRM software

The Job Accounting Plus and Job Accounting Professional products offers the following additional features over QuickBooks Online!

  • Handles multiple companies
  • Handles consolidated financial statements for selected companies
  • Tracks and generates subcontracts and purchase orders
  • Generates Draw Request, Cost Plus and Time & Material Billing

Job Accounting Professional offers these additional features over QuickBooks Online!

  • Integrates with CSG Central web application to share Purchase Orders with the field to receive materials and approve work complete
  • Integrates with CSG Central Remote Time Card Entry module for capturing time in the field for processing payroll and job costing

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