Simple Estimating is a simple estimating software solution for smaller builders and contractors looking to expedite their estimating, proposal writing, material takeoff, and budgets.

Simple Estimating is sold individually or as part of the complete Simple Series, a single-entry construction management system that expedites and manages the proven processes & procedures in running a successful  construction business.

Simple Estimating can be accessed internally on your computer or via the Internet on any mobile device or laptop that has Internet connectivity.

We can also host Simple Estimating on a monthly basis. Call for pricing!


  • Stick
  • Unit price
  • Assembly
  • And/or by lump sum bids
  • Estimate multiple items with one takeoff unit of measure

  • Includes many pre-built assemblies to speed the estimating process

  • Easy to add other assemblies as needed


  • There’s no limit to the number of cost items, assemblies or other catalog data you can maintain
  • Attach detailed specifications to assemblies and items so as you’re building your scope of work you’re building your estimate at the same time
  • Standardize your estimating process by building bid sheet templates of cost items, assemblies and specifications broken down by category of work and or by location
  • Produce professional looking proposals/specifications for the customer to sign
  • Estimate, print or e-mail customer’s change orders

  • Track pending, approved and/or rejected change orders along with changes to the vendor’s contract

Allows the ability to:

  • Attach pictures to items and assemblies in the database
  • View pictures of items/assemblies while estimating
  • Change pictures assigned to those items/assemblies within a bid so they’re bid specific
  • Print those pictures within the proposal/specification and or change orders bids.
  • Can accommodate price updates electronically via Excel (.csv) or text (.txt) file from vendors
  • Markup a bid by percentage, cost type, total costs or flat dollar amount.

  • Use different markup percentages for each bid.

  • TakeOff Plus allows you to modify the price of an item for a specific bid while maintaining the standard item price in the catalog

  • Enter key measurements of a blue print and automatically update takeoff quantities for multiple items and assemblies. For instance, SF of Interior or LF of Perimeter
  • Interfaces with Digitizers and Digital Takeoff software
  • Simple SalesBuilder client/job information is available in Simple Estimating
  • Bid information is available back in SalesBuilder Professional
  • Integrates with Simple Scheduling to setup project’s tasks and vendors associated with those tasks

  • Transfers bid information including: bid code, bid description, contract price and budgeted costs and budgeted hours by cost category
  • Transfers all subsequent client change orders and their dollar amounts, along with budgeted costs and budgeted hours by cost category

Why invest in stand-alone estimating software when you can invest in fully integrated software from Contractors Software Group!