The Professional Series is a complete suite of construction management software and web applications designed for builders and contractors looking to streamline and manage their sales, marketing, buyer management, customer service/warranty tracking estimating, scheduling, project management and job cost accounting. It is also for those companies looking to share job information with remote and mobile employees, vendors and/or employees via smart phone or mobile device.

The Professional Series is modular so you can purchase the software applications you need now and add-on as your needs grow.

The Professional Series construction software can be accessed internally or remotely via the Internet on any tablet or laptop that has internet connectivity.

It also integrates to CSG Central, a web portal to share job information with remote employees, vendors and/or clients via any mobile device or smart phone.

We can host the Professional Series on a monthly basis or you can purchase it and host it yourself. Please call or request pricing!


  • Manages your sales & marketing process from start to finish
  • Tracks & manages your hottest prospects/ leads and clients
  • Monitors your traffic and activities for each client
  • Allows users to add job notes, pictures, and documents
  • Schedule appointments – Shared calendar
  • Sets up predefined marketing plans – telephone calls, emails and letters
  • Tracks customer selections and change orders
  • Generates and tracks your customer work orders
  • Build-A-Home Feature (Home Builders Only) – Create a contract from pre-setup floor plans and options
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  • Estimating, proposal/specification writing and purchasing software
  • Allows user to estimate by stick, assembly and/or by unit price
  • Generates detailed or summary estimates by category of work or by location.
  • Creates specifications/proposals for the customer to sign
  • Allows you to build an estimate from predefined bid sheet templates based on the type of jobs or homes you build.
  • Automatically generates purchase orders, work orders and subcontract agreements from the estimate in seconds
  • Estimates and tracks your customer & vendor change orders
  • Updates prices from your vendors electronically
  • Integrates with popular CAD programs, digitizers and digital takeoff software
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  • Easily created schedules from existing projects, estimating or job cost accounting
  • Generates bar graphs with or without percent completion
  • Changes start dates with automatic revision for all tasks
  • Interactive Gantt Chart
  • Interactive Calendar View
  • Adjusts dates that flow through the entire project schedule
  • Generates bar graphs and reports to assist in tracking the progress of projects
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Available Modules

  • Job cost
  • Accounts payable
  • General ledger
  • Payroll
  • Accounts receivable/draws
  • Purchase Orders
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CSG Central is a builder/client web portal to share job information with customers, employees and vendors.

The Professional Series applications share the following information with CSG Central:

  • Job Information
  • Job Contract Information
  • Change Orders
  • Option Selections
  • Job Schedules
  • Job Notes
  • Job Attachments
  • Task Reminders
  • Work Orders
  • Released PO’s, SC’s & WO’s
  • Receive/Approve PO’s

CSG Central’s Remote Time Web App –  Is an web application to capture time via smart phone for processing of payroll, job costing and financial reporting

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Clients Say...

“I have been in construction for over 25 years and in the past I have used different kinds of software . About 5 years ago I purchased The Simple Series and this is the best software that I have ever used! True there was a big learning curve but their team was great to teach me through training sessions and today I am using The Pro Series. This is a very powerful program and you can upgrade, add modules as your company grows! I am also using the CSG Web Portal to share job information with employees, vendors and clients. CSG Central syncs with Professional Series which is another great feature! I would highly recommend this software to any contractor!

The thing I like the most about the software is that it is a fully integrated system from the first contact with a prospect customer , to estimating the project, to selling the job, to accounting, to scheduling. I always know where I am at with a job and how my business is doing. I believe by purchasing this software I have increased revenue.”

Anthony Schultz,  Total Construction Services