Home Builder Estimating software

Home Builder Estimating Software

How can home builder estimating software help my building company? Estimating software can expedite your estimating process at least 3-5 times faster than the way you’re doing it now. The real question is what Home Builder estimating software is right for your business? It will depend upon what you’re willing to spend and the following:

Integrated Estimating Software

Integrated Estimating Software

Why are builders and contractors turning away from Excel spreadsheets to Integrated Estimating software?   They’re moving to integrated estimating software so they can estimate 3-5 times faster, create more professional looking proposals and communicate better with employees, vendors and clients! We’ve integrated the following processes & procedures and other software applications into our estimating…


With inflation going rapid, builders and contractors are finding that the pricing of materials is going up every week and estimating programs like Xactimate monthly subscription are NOT keeping up. Contractors Software Group (CSG) has a better solution so you can create more accurate and up-to-date estimates and proposals. Contractors Software Group offers a true…