TakeOff Professional

SalesBuilder Professional is one of the only fully integrated prospect tracking, follow-up marketing, buyer/contract management, customer service/warranty tracking and sales management software solutions for larger builders. It can be purchased as a stand-alone software application or as part of the complete Plus Series.

what does easy to use software really mean

Easy Software For Builders

What does “Easy Software for Builders” mean? Does easy software for builders mean it is… Easy to setup? Easy to comprehend? Or is the software so simple a caveman could use it? What is easy for one person isn’t necessary easy for another. Many people have designed their own software because they thought the software…

Construction Software Investment

Successful Software Implementations

There have been many cases where builders and contractors have purchased software and the implementation was unsuccessful. There can be many reasons for unsuccessful implementation of a new software package. The following could help you understand what it takes for a successful software implementation. It could be a lack of skill sets in employees, lack…